An epic poem on how to become a professional manga artist

To become a manga artist,
One must possess great talent and work hard,
With determination and perseverance,
One can turn their passion into art.

First, develop thy skills,
In drawing, composition, and storytelling,
Practice daily, study the masters,
And take classes to hone thy art.

Next, create a portfolio,
Of thy best manga pages and character designs,
To showcase thy talents to the world,
And impress potential clients and publishers alike.

Then, network and make connections,
Join online forums and attend conventions,
Meet other aspiring manga artists,
And learn from those who have come before.

Find a mentor to guide thy way,
An experienced artist with wisdom to share,
They can provide valuable advice,
As thou navigate the world of professional manga.

And be persistent and patient,
For the path to success is not easy,
Filled with challenges and setbacks,
But never give up on thy dreams.

Keep practicing, creating, and networking,
And eventually thou may turn thy passion,
Into a fulfilling career in manga,
Bringing joy and beauty to the world.